Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Hazards For Pets

Hooray for Summer! But the bright, sunny days of summer can also bring with them potential problems for your pets.  Below is a list of various summer-time hazards to which your pet may be exposed and their relative toxicities.

*Please remember that regardless of toxicity level you should always contact your veterinarian if your pet ingests any of the following substances.

Low toxicity:
-Glow jewelry
-Most N-P-K fertilizers
-Plain Bone meal
-Mosquito coils or Dunks
-Charcoal briquettes
-Termite stakes, ant baits, yard insecticides, and roach baits

Moderate toxicity:
-Charcoal lighter fluids
-Moldy items from trash
-Yard or compost pile
-Diazinon or chlorpyrifos granules
-DEET-containing insect repellants
-Citronella lamps/torches
-Some Spring blooming bulbs

High toxicity:

-Pool chemicals
-Zinc phosphide

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