Monday, August 31, 2009

And The Results Are In!

The dog wash this past Sunday was a huge success. All said and told just under $900 was raised during this one day event. A huge thanks to everyone who came out to donate their time and money. We all had a blast and it was for a great cause.

Pictures from this event will be available soon on the Phillie Ta-Tas official blog. Read more...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why Should I Buy My Pet’s Medication From My Veterinarian?

You, much like many other people, may ask yourself why should you get your pet’s medication from your veterinarian when it would be so much easier to get them elsewhere. What may not be initially clear is how purchasing medication from a reputable source, like your veterinarian, not only offers you the peace of mind you get knowing that your pet is getting the best possible care but that it is also better for your pet’s overall health.


The following is a list compiled by the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association of the top reasons to get your pet’s medication from your veterinarian.

1.) Your veterinarian knows your pet and your family (both 2-legged and 4-legged). He or she is familiar with your pet’s specific health needs and the environment where you live.

2.) Medications are usually dosed on a weight basis. It is important that your veterinarian determines your pet’s weight and calculates the correct dosage to achieve the desired effect from the medication. Your pet’s current health condition may also alter the final dosage.

3.) There are several medications that should not be administered until your veterinarian determines that it is safe for your pet to be given them. For example, heartworm preventatives should not be administered to dogs with a heartworm infection because it can potentially lead to a fatal reaction. Therefore, it is important to consult with your pet’s veterinarian to determine what heartworm prevention program and timetable best suits your individual pet’s needs.

4.) Dog and cat owners should keep in mind that cats are not small dogs, nor are dogs large cats. Many medications that are administered to dogs are not safe for cats (they can be fatal), and the reverse is also true.

5.) Many medications need to be reconstituted or diluted specifically for your pet. Some medications must be kept in a controlled environment or refrigerated. The medications that are shipped to your veterinarian are properly packaged and delivered under controlled temperatures so you don’t have to worry about receiving “spoiled” medicines that were exposed to temperature extremes, sunlight, moisture, etc.

6.) Each animal is a different and unique individual. Some breeds and species have special needs or sensitivities that your veterinarian is aware of and he or she can select the product best suited for your pet.

7.) Some medications require follow-up monitoring for adverse reactions or dosage adjustments. If an adverse reaction does occur, it is important to have established a veterinary-client-patient relationship to ensure that your pet receives appropriate medical attention on an emergency basis. An adjustment to the dosage may need to be made after lab tests and/or examinations are performed.

Your pet’s health and well-being, as well as your satisfaction as an informed, valued pet owner, is your veterinarian’s primary goal.

Keep in mind also that medicine prescribed and purchased at your veterinarian’s office comes with the comfort of knowing that you and your pet are individuals and have distinct needs that can best be served by your veterinarian.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Speedlinks: August 25, 2009

Your portal to the most interesting, absurd, and unbelievable animal stories in the news today.

-A 48-year-old female elephant named Motala walks on her newly attached prosthetic leg. Hopes to return to professional sports sometime next year.

-Bluefin tuna around Europe seen crossing their fins in hopes of being removed from many Europeans dinner menu.

-People imitating monkeys linked to how people interact in social groups. Anybody who has ever attended a college party says, "well d'uh."

-New species of worm drops a bomb on undersea scientists. Scientists too stunned to comment.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dog Wash Benefit for Breast Cancer

The Animal Clinic at Thorndale will be hosting a benefit dog wash on Sunday August 30th. The event is being held to raise funds for a group of women who work at the clinic and will be participating in Philly's 3-Day Breast Cancer walk in October. More information about the participants as well as further fundraisers they will be holding can be found here.

Date: Sunday August 30, 2009
Time: 10:00AM - 3:00PM
Where: The Animal Clinic at Thorndale parking lot.

Further information on the Philly 3-Day can be found here. Read more...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Animal Clinic at Thorndale Starts Blogging

Welcome to the brand new Animal Clinic at Thorndale blog! We hope this will provide a forum for you learn and share stories about all your wonderful companions whether they are furry, feathered, or scaled. Here is a list of features we plan on showcasing in our blog.

1.) Ask The Veterinarian: This is your chance to ask one of our three resident veterinarians those burning questions you have regarding your pets and their well-being. Each month one question will be chosen and a post will be published here on our blog.

2.) Product Recalls And Other Important Press Releases: We will also be updating the blog with posts to provide you with the latest, most reliable information dealing with any product recalls as well as any information that is important to your pet’s health.

Interesting News Stories: Find links to interesting pet and animal stories from around the globe.

4.) Pet Spotlight: Whether it’s to share a fond memory, funny story, or just to tell the world just how great they are this is your chance to share with us just how much you love your pet. All we ask is that you send a picture along to put a face to the story.

5.) And many more so be sure to check back often!

Our hope is that you will find our blog a valuable source of information and a friendly place to stop by and say hello.

The Dr.’s and Staff at The Animal Clinic at Thorndale Read more...