Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Hazards for Pets

Spring is a time of year we all look forward to. The weather gets warmer, flowers start to bloom and we are invigorated with new life.  Some common activities at this time of year may include spring cleaning, planting, opening swimming pools, de-winterizing campers or cabins, Easter celebrations, and cook outs. While a lot of fun, these activities can also bring with them some potential problems for your pets.  Below is a list of various spring-time hazards to which your pet may be exposed and their relative toxicities.

*Please remember that regardless of toxicity level you should always contact your veterinarian if your pet ingests any of the following substances.

Low toxicity:
-N-P-K fertilizers
(no added insecticide or herbicide; iron level < 1%)

-Herbicides containing glyphosate

-Bone meal
(with no added insecticide or herbicide)

-Charcoal briquettes
(unused, no added lighter fluids)

Moderate toxicity:
-Spring blooming bulbs


High toxicity:
-Pool chemicals

-Easter lilies (cats)


-Disulfoton (disyston) containing systemic insecticides

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