Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Purchasing Pet Insurance: Navigating A Maze Of Confusion

Pet Insurance. These two words inspire confusion in nearly everyone who hears them from veterinarians to pet owners. Who covers what and how, who pays who and when, and all this talk about “pre-existing” conditions are all topics most people would rather not deal with. But despite all these aggravations pet insurance can still be a wonderful idea. After all who wouldn’t want to make sure their pets are well taken care of? To help alleviate some of the mystery involved with the pet insurance industry here is a quick checklist for you to use should you ever venture into the pet insurance jungle.

7 Questions To Ask:
1.) What is covered?
2.) What is NOT covered? (Be sure to ask this specifically as some insurers will try to avoid this topic all together.)
3.) Does it cover “pre-existing” conditions?
-If so what is considered “pre-existing”?
-Does it start when the policy is first picked up and last until you cancel?
-Does it restart at your renewal date each year?
4.) Does it cover routine visits?
-Preventive medication? (think heartworm or flea/tick medication)
-What percent is covered?
5.) Does it cover non-routine visits?
-What percent is covered?
6.) Are there age restrictions?
-Does the policy terminate when your pet reaches a certain age?
-Do the fees change?
-Does the coverage change?
7.) Is there a deductible?
-When is it paid?
-Is there a dollar cap?
-What is it?
-Is it per visit?
-Is it yearly?

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