Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Household Hazards: The Bedroom and Living Room

When we want to sit down and relax we normally end up in one of two rooms, either the bedroom or living room. Normally we would not consider these places to be very dangerous but did you know that they could contain just as many hazards for your pets as any other room in your home? Below is a list of some commonly found items that should be kept out of your pet’s reach.

-Liquid potpourri
-Tobacco products
-Pennies (those minted after 1982 contain zinc which is toxic)
-Alkaline batteries (like those in your remote controls and children’s toys)
-Small children’s toys and loose pieces of jewelry (potential choking hazards)
-Exposed electrical cords (can provide a nasty shock if your pet decides to chew on them)

If your pet does accidentally ingest any of these products illness and possibly injury may occur so it is important to keeps these items out of your pet’s reach at all times. As always contact your local veterinarian for further instructions if your pet does ingest anything they shouldn’t have.

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